In , we embark upon our third Pilgrimage of Hope to Bali

(......, 2013)
(Generic application forms for all POH Pilgrimages are located under the Applications & Key Dates tab on this website)

The focus is ‘service to others’ at the Panti Asuhan Orphanage, a Roman Catholic Orphanage for children from impoverished families, as well as those who have been neglected or have no parents. The Sisters of this Franciscan Order are a wonderful group of women dedicating their lives to caring for these children. This ‘experience of a lifetime’ includes stepping out beyond the comfort zone of our own lifestyle, and experiencing life as part of the community of the Panti Asuhan Orphanage.

For a little over a week we will work and play alongside the children and Sisters at Panti Asuhan, to experience their culture, as well as their Christian life and worship. Through immersing ourselves in this way of life, we will develop a clearer understanding of ourselves and how to consider the needs of others.

Our goal is to serve the Panti Asuhan community by carrying out service work around the garden and the orphanage buildings. By sharing our time, prayer and daily activities, we hope to break down the barriers which divide our world. We will develop friendships, and by extending our love and kindness we become bearers of light and love to both the children and the Sisters.

This is a mother (or nominated female from the family) and son pilgrimage which marks the final year in the Preparatory School at CCGS.
In a world where family is all important, we aim to enrich our own parent/sibling relationships.

This pilgrimage is for .... in Year 6. We also have a limited number of places for parents to travel as pilgrims. We will travel lightly and humbly, not so much lugging our own knowledge, but with a willingness to listen and learn.

An information evening will be held on Monday 19th September from 6.30pm to 8.00pm in the CCGS Prep School Staff Room.

Written ‘expressions of interest’ from students and adults may be emailed to or you can contact him on 0407 399 953 for any further information.

little more background information:


Our intention is to offer service to the Orphanage and the Sisters in any way possible during our two week pilgrimage.
We will participate in the maintenance and cleaning of the Orphanage, and we hope to extend friendship, love and kindness to the children. For ourselves, we look forward to sharing our time together as mothers and sons, both in service work and relaxation. We look forward to experiencing a different cultural environment, whilst gaining a better understanding of ourselves and learning to consider the needs of others.

A pilgrimage with a difference
Women today are increasingly busy balancing the demands of work and family. This pilgrimage offers mothers and their sons the opportunity to spend time together on a shared journey as well as serving together. However, please know that it is not a requirement that all mothers take part in the pilgrimage.

Pilgrimage dates: April School Holidays, Tuesday 17 April - Wednesday 25 April 2012.

A detailed itinerary will be issued to all pilgrims prior to departure.

The cost is approximately $1,955. This cost may change due to fluctuations with fuel levies/taxes and currency.
The cost includes:

  • All airfares, transfers and bus tickets

  • Travel and medical insurance and all

  • International ticketable and departure taxes

  • 11 nights’ accommodation in a hotel and all meals

  • A donation to the orphanage

  • Official POH uniform and badge

  • 24 hour access to professional support staff

  • Tourist and sightseeing activities

  • Pilgrimage book, containing photos, reflections and daily journal

If you are interested in taking part, please complete the application form and return it to coordinating CCGS teacher, Holly Miller, or the Pilgrimage of Hope Office as soon as possible.

Generic application forms for all POH Pilgrimages are located under the 'Applications and Key Dates' tab on this website.


The following passage, taken from Khahil Gibran’s The Prophet reminds us that we send our children out into the world as ‘living arrows’ as well as the importance of the ‘bow that is stable’ which is the guidance of a Mother.


“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth.
The archer sees the mark upon the path of the infinite, and He bends you with His might that His arrows may go swift and far.
Let your bending in the archer’s hand be for gladness, for even as He loves the arrow that flies, so He loves also the bow that is stable”.

We may never wish to change our lifestyle, community and particular ways of believing for any other in the world. That does not mean that we will not be enriched by experiences that take us beyond the comfort of our own existence.

This pilgrimage to Panti Aushan will be an enriching experience. By sharing time, prayer and daily activities, we will break down the barriers that divide our world and, in the process, become bearers of the one Word and the one Light. I wish you well and assure you of my prayers.


  • To provide voluntary service to the children and Sisters at Panti Asuhan Orphanage

  • To spend time together as mother and son, both in service and relaxation

  • To experience and participate in a different type of Christian worship

  • To further develop understandings of ourselves and our faith

  • To live and work together, learning how to consider the needs of others

  • To experience another culture and overseas travel 


We will be involved in fundraising activities to facilitate our service at the Orphanage.

We will also take:

  • clothing,
  • stationery,
  • medical supplies and a
  • financial thank you gift to the Orphanage.

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