2012 Fiji Pilgrimage of Hope at St Christopher’s Home

Monday 1st  to Saturday 13th October, 2012

For students in Years 7&8, 2012 from Christ Church Grammar School and St Hilda's Anglican School for Girls.

"Our care for the children always reminds us that St Christopher means Christ Bearer."

St Christopher’s is an Orphanage in Fiji run by an Anglican Order of Sisters, the Community of the Sacred Name. The majority of the children at the Home are orphans and the other children are there because they have been abused, neglected, abandoned by their families, or for a time may need time away from their families. The Sisters are amazing women who dedicate their lives to caring for these children.


Our intention is to offer service to St Christopher’s in any way possible during this Pilgrimage.
We will participate in the maintenance of the Home and we hope to extend friendship, love and kindness to the children.

For ourselves, apart from this voluntary service, we look forward to experiencing a different cultural environment, gaining a better understanding of ourselves and learning to consider the needs of others.

"The best thing that happened on my POH Fiji journey was meeting my buddy Harry. He was very shy at first, but as wek got to know each other, we formed a strong friendship which I will never forget." Jack Hawksford (CCGS)





The two participating schools will be involved in fund raising activities to facilitate our involvement in service work at St Christopher’s. We will be taking linen, clothing, stationery, medical supplies for the home. Staff from our schools support the efforts of the students. Our target is to raise $6,000 - all of which will be spent on service work at St Christopher’s Home.

An information night for this Pilgrimage will be held on Monday 19 September, 2011 in the CCGS Prep School Staff Room. An information night flyer and a detailed brochure for the 2012 Pilgrimage are available for download below.

 Places are limited so if you are interested in taking part, please complete the application form and return it to your school's coordinating teacher (Jo Swain at St Hilda's) or the Pilgrimage of Hope Office at CCGS as soon as possible.There are a very limited number of places for parents to travel as pilgrims, please discuss this with Brother James.

Generic application forms for all POH Pilgrimages are located under the 'Applications and Key Dates' tab on this website.

Pilgrimage dates: October School Holidays, Monday 1st October to Saturday 13th October, 2012.

The cost is approximately $3570. This cost may change due to fluctuations with fuel levies/taxes and currency.



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