India Frequently Asked Questions

The Cost

The cost of the 2010 Pilgrimage of Hope will be approximately $4,900.00. Note this may change as details are finalised.

Costs include:

  • All international airfares, train and bus tickets and transfers
  • Breakfasts, dinners and most lunches
  • Travel insurance and international ticketable taxes
  • Comprehensive medical insurance
  • All accommodation in India
  • 24-hour access to Pilgrimage Doctor, Counsellors, Chaplain and professional support staff
  • Donation to the Rainbow School, Loreto Sisters and Kolkata Stations Missions
  • Qualified guides during all sightseeing and tourist activities
  • Official group uniform (including four long sleeved shirts)
  • Official Pilgrimage medallion
  • Most tourist and sightseeing activities
  • DVD of Pilgrimage photographs

The expense does not include:

  • India visa  (it is the responsibility of each pilgrim to apply for their own tourist visa asap. These take up to two weeks to process. Upon receipt, a scanned copy of your visa must be supplied immediately to the POH office.)
  • Vaccinations (arranged through your family GP or we recommend The Fremantle Travel Clinic. The Pilgrimage Doctor will provide a list of recommended vaccinations and this information is available on the pilgrimage blog.)


As with past pilgrimages, each school will contribute to or fundraise for a levy that will cover costs associated with the professional support staff. The levy for 2010 is $500.00 per pilgrim. It is an honour to be included on the Pilgrimage. It is also important to understand that it is not just for the privileged few! It does seem appropriate that there might be an element of sacrifice involved in the preparation. This might mean Pilgrims going without in the 12 months lead up to departure. Birthday presents and Christmas presents can be directed towards Pilgrimage expenses.

Support Staff

Each school, Pilgrim and their parents will receive regular updates from the coordinating team (Pilgrimage Co-ordinator, Pilgrimage Administrator and Travel Co-ordinator, Doctor, Counsellors and Chaplain) to ensure everyone receives the same information. On arrival in Kolkata, the Pilgrimage will commence with a day’s orientation program, and include adequate time for team building.

Talk to Past Pilgrims

Students and staff who participated in the previous Pilgrimages of Hope have many experiences and stories to share. It is beneficial to get a first hand account from them and each Pilgrimage of Hope School staff member can provide contact details for past


Places are limited to 75 pilgrims. This includes support staff. Students from Years 10,11 and 12 in 2008 are invited to apply. As a result of a request from parents of past pilgrims, a small number of places on the 2010 pilgrimage are reserved for adults.